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The University offers MBA Programme of 2 years duration (4 Semesters). This programme is offered in association with International Corporate Business Management Studies (ICBMS) Educational Trust. Bangalore/Chennai. The ICBMS assists the University in course content development, conducting Orientation / Contact Programmes and IA & project work and continuous evaluation process. University calls for applications for admission, conduct the entrance test and admits the qualified candidates. It conducts the theory exams and announces the results and issues marks cards and other certificates.

Admission are made in two cycles, in June and December every year.


(i) Any candidate who has passed the three years Degree Examination of the University or any other University considered as equivalent therto and has secured not less than 45% of the marks in aggregate in the examination for the declaration of class in eligible for admission to MBA Programme.

(ii) The candidates must have qualified at the Entrance Test conducted by this University. The weightage for the qualifying Exam and the Entrance Test shall be 50:50.

Entrance Examination

Entrance Examination will be conducted in select places (town/cities), which will be intimated to the candidates who apply for admission to the MBA programme.

Fee Structure

(1) Candidates applying for admission to MBA Programme have to pay only Rs. 500/- towards Entrance Test Fee. The Course Fee can to be paid after their selection to the Programme, which will be notified on KUDDE website / intimated to the successful candidates.

(2) Course Fee

First Semester : Rs. 9500/-
Second Semester : Rs. 9500/-
Third Semester : Rs. 9500/-
Fourth Semester : Rs. 9500/-

(3) Successful candidates should pay full fees (Rs. 9500/-) of the course through two separate DD's one for Rs. 5000/p payable to Finance Officer, Kuvempu University and another DD to ICBMS, Chennai for Rs. 4500/-. Both the DD's should be sent to the Director, DDE, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta, along with duly filled in application and qualifying certificates. Admissions will be confirmed by the University and the list of admitted candidates will be sent to IXBMS and they will provide study material, conduct contact classes and continous evaluation of I.A. and Project Work.

Following this the University shall conduct the theory exams. After conducting the exams the University shall declare results and issue necessary marks cards and certificates.

Details of Fee Structure

Programme Reg. Adm UDF Exam Orienta-tion Tuition
Study Material Liason Assign-ment
Postage PPC Total
1. MBA I Sem 1000 2000 100 1000 2000 2750 100 300 250 - 9500
2. MBA II Sem 1000 2000 100 1000 2000 2750 100 300 250 - 9500
3. MBA III Sem 1000 2000 100 1000 2000 2750 100 300 250 - 9500
4. MBA IV Sem 1000 2000 100 1000 2000 2750 100 300 250 150 9650

Programme Structure

First Semester

Paper Code Paper Title
MBA110 1. Principles of Management
MBA120 2. Accounting for Managers
MBA130 3. Business Communications
MBA140 4. Quantitative Techniques
MBA150 5. Organizational Behavior
MBA160 6. Managerial Economics
MBA170 7. Production and Operations Management

Second Semester

Paper Code Paper Title
MBB110 1. Human Resource Management
MBB120 2. Marketing Management
MBB130 3. Financial Management
MBB140 4. Research Methodology
MBB150 5. Management Science
MBB160 6. Business Law
MBB170 7. Computer Applications

Third Semester

Paper Code Paper Title
MBC110 1. Entrepreneurship Development and small Business Management
MBC120 2. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Electives   (candidates to select any one of the below listed streams of their choice)
Stream-I : Marketing Management (MM)
MBC210 3. Consumer Behaviour
MBC220 4. Advertising Management
MBC230 5. Industrial Marketing
MBC240 6. Sales and Distribution Management
MBC250 7. Retail and Brand Management
Stream-II : Financial Management (FM)
MBC310 3. Working Capital Management
MBC320 4. Financial Decision Analysis
MBC330 5. Financial Derivatives
MBC340 6. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MBC350 7. Management of Financial Institutions
Stream-III : Human Resource Management (HTM)
MBC410 3. Human Resource Planning
MBC420 4. Management of Training and Development
MBC430 5. Councelling and Interpersonal Skills for Managers
MBC440 6. Legal Framework and Management of Industrial Relations
MBC450 7. Compensation Management

Fourth Semester

Paper Code Paper Title
MBD110 1. Strategic Management and Business Policy
MBD120 2. International Business
Electives   (Candidates to continue the same stream that has been selected in the III semester)
Stream-I : Marketing Management (MM)
MBD210 3. International Marketing
MBD220 4. Services Marketing
Stream-II : Financial  Management (MM)
MBD310 3. International Financial Management
MBD320 4. Corporate Taxation
Stream-III : Human Resource Management (MM)
MBD410 3. International Human
MBD420 4. Human Resource Development : Resource Management
Strategies and Systems
Project Work   Project Work & Viva-Voce
(Compulsory for all the streams)
Note :

Candidates to select a topic for Project Work relevant to the stream that they have opted in III and IV semester and also related to the syllabus. They have to carry out Research / Field work independently. (They may take the assistance of ICBMS if required.)

Important Note

In all the semesters, each paper carries 100 marks, out of which theory examination will be for 80 marks, and for continuous evaluation / Internal Assessments (IA) 20 marks. Out of 20 IA marks, 5 marks will be awarded based on the candidate's regularity (attendance) at the orientation / contact programmes and 15 marks for written assignments. The Project Work in the IV Semester is for 100 marks and viva-voce, 50 marks.

Orientation / Contact Programmes

These programmes will be conducted in the University Campus, and also in select places depending on the number of candidates registered for each semester from that place and the facilities / resources available at that place. Information about these programmes and continuous evaluation will be given / sent to the candidates by the ICBMS Bangalore / Chennai.

Declaration of Class

In each of the semesters candidates have to secure minimum of 45% both in individual papers and in aggregate, for passing the semester. Those who secure 45% to 50% marks in aggregate will be awarded Pass Class: 50% to 60% - Second Class: 60% to 69% and above First Class.

There is a separate sheet for candidates applying for entrance test. This should be filled and sent to the Director, DDE, KU along with Rs. 500/- DD, payable to The Finance Officer, KU. The main application form, exam applications should be sent only if the candidate is admitted to the programme along with fees in two DD's as mentioned 'Fee Structure'.

The Application form sent consists of OMR Sheet, Examination Application Form, Hall Ticket, Registration Card doublet and Address slips for communication. Candidates are advised to refer to the Instructions to fill OMR/ICR Application before filling their Application Form.

Candidates if selected can send their Original Certificates for verification and return with the main Application Form to The Director, DDE, Kuvempu University.

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